Dancing Leaves
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Dancing Leaves
Dancing Leaves screen saver v.1.2:

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Do you like calm autumn days? No? Anyway, download this screen saver for Windows and see how it fills the screen with flying fallen leaves. You'll be surprised to know how relaxing may be a simple screensaver.

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We beleive that this e-mail is the only reward which may have any importance and which will be always with us:

My name Captain Mary White.

I am with Waldorf Rescue #3 in Waldorf, MD, and also with WashingtonMedStar Trauma Center. We have a cancer patient named Carol Ann Swanick..and is she is terminally ill with colon cancer. She will not be expected to live long.

Carol loves the Fall season...and during her chemotherapy treatments...she watches and listens to the your Dancing Leaves screen saver on her computer. It eases the pain and passes the time for her during the treatments.


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